Alternative Cancer Research Fund

(dba: Prostate Cancer Research & Assistance Fund)

PCRAF supports the following programs, both nationally and internationally.  Our efforts and resources include grants to qualified organizations to assist with their work in the field of cancer research and other related disease treatments, as well as humanitarian aid.


  National Programs


  • Cancer Support Groups
    Cancer support groups are a vital part of the rehabilitation process for patients with cancer.  PCRAF provides informational materials for local cancer support groups to give to cancer patients in their area.  These support groups are able to help with various personal and financial needs.


  • Hospitals and Clinics
    PCRAF supports hospitals and clinics devoted to providing care and treatment to individuals with cancer.  PCRAF helps support the ongoing medical research and patient care programs of these hospitals and clinics.  PCRAF has supported organizations such as The Gerson Institute, one of the world's leaders in alternative cancer research and treatment programs; and AIDS Research & Assistance Institute, for their work with cancer treatments and other diseases.


  International Programs


  • Mexico
    PCRAF has taken the lead role in providing ongoing support and medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in several areas of Mexico.  Projects in Mexicali, Tijuana, and the Baja Peninsula serve thousands of people each year by providing much needed medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the clinics and hospitals.  The Oasis Hospital is one of the many organizations dedicated to improving the patient's chances of survival through alternative and integrative cancer treatment.


  • Philippines
    Additional medical clinics ate held throughout the Philippine region of Marikina City and Silway 8.  These poverty stricken areas are in desperate need of our ongoing programs to address issues of malnutrition, cancer-related diseases, and combating everyday ailments.


  • Central America
    In countries such as Honduras and Nicaragua; humanitarian aid, free medical clinics, medical supplies, and medicines are made available to hospitals and clinics.  Hundreds of men, women, and children are given vital medical exams and treatments at their hospitals and clinics as a result of PCRAF's support.